Extra virgin oil 2023 from the Castellu di Baricci estate

Work in the olive grove

Terroir : the soil is a decomposition of granite arenas which
takes the form of silt and sand.
Climate and exposure: our olive trees are planted on hillsides and
in plateaus, facing South-East, at a hectare density of 200 feet.
The Cagna mountain peaking at 1400m and surrounding the vineyard
and the olive grove allows a strong thermal amplitude between day and night.
Varieties and crops : our work is entirely organic
(Ecocert FR organic 01 certified) and obtains the designation of origin
protected. On 7ha of Ghjermana and Zinzala, we practice a
gentle pruning every year, rotary crushing to maintain a
stability of soil and clay-based phytosanitary treatments
only to combat the olive fly.


From olive tree to olive oil

Harvest : It is carried out with vibrating combs which make
drop the olives onto fillets. We choose to pick the
rotating green olives to keep fruit and freshness. The olives are
placed in crates and pressed immediately at the mill
domain. The harvest took place between October 2023 and December 2023.
Aging and bottling: the oil from the estate is stored
in stainless steel vats protected from light and bottled at the estate
in dark glass bottle of 25cl and 50cl. No filtration, only
natural decantation.


Our olive oil has a light green and clear color. On the palate, a light attack then opens with intense fruit and a slight bitterness which brings relief.

Extra virgin oil 2023